Stump Removals

Remove or Grind Tree Stumps

When a tree falls or is removed, it is usually wise to remove the stump as well. North Valley Tree Service has the tree professionals and equipment to remove or grind tree stumps.
For stump removal, the root system is cut, then the bulk of the stump is dug out and lifted away with a crane.
When removal is not practical, because the tree root system is too large and difficult, stump grinding may be a preferable method. A machine grinds and shreds the stump into mulch and chips. Then the stump is covered by soil or fertilizer, for a more attractive appearance.
Stump grinding lets you avoid having to dig – after cutting off all the parts of the tree that we can remove by conventional means, we then use a machine to grind and shred the stump into mulch and chips. Afterwards, the stump gets covered by soil or fertilizer, and that’s the last you will see of it. The chips that result from the grinding operation can be used as mulch or decoration for the rest of your yard.

North Valley Tree Service professionals are experienced in safe and efficient stump removals and stump grinding.



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