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Are your trees too close?
Too often, homeowners or landscapers don't plan well for the future growth of trees and plant them too close to the house or other structures. Maybe you or the first homeowner didn't realize that the small trees you planted with enthusiasm would become huge in just 5 or 10 years. Now your trees may be dominating the garden, shading the windows, filling the gutters or threatening the structure of the house.The good news is that you are your trees may still have a happy future together. Consult a certified arborist from North Valley Tree Service to determine what needs to be done for the safety of your home.

Planting a new tree?
Before you plant, it's a good idea to consult with one of our certified arborists to make sure you are planting the right kind of tree in the right place, to ensure the most successful life for your tree. Small and delicate trees, like Japanese maples, probably won't impact your home, but a large oak, redwood, palm or other large tree needs to be in the right place. And your certified arborist can also advise you on how to care for the tree as it grows.

Planning new construction?
If you are planning construction in area where you have trees, consult our arborists first, so that you know how to keep your trees healthy during the construction process. Your trees will be put under a lot of stress when construction goes on near their roots. Before you start, let our trained arborists assess potential damage and advise you on construction techniques to preserve the health of your trees.


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